Our Horses


Lady is our yoga horse master! She often would stretch before being ridden doing downward dog and reminded us all we need to do yoga! She is a angel and stands perfectly still and enjoys doing stretches and is an amazing horse to do yoga on! She was rescued a year ago and loves her new purpose in life!


Luna is a nice quiet pony who enjoys the serenity and calmness of yoga and is great for small adults and kids to learn on.  She is very tolerant during yoga and an all around great pony for beginners. She was rescued a little under a year ago and loves her new relaxing life!


Stella was a high strung horse while being ridden and horse yoga has really helped her clam down, relax and be present while a rider is on her back. She has often reminds people to breath deep and just relax and be present while she was near her by coming up to her and breathing deep into her nose when they were stressed out!  "It was as if she was telling them everything is okay your fine. Such a calming and amazing experience that horses do naturally among each other as a way to connect and communicate!"


Sugaree was rescued a few years ago and she loves her new peaceful life. She is very calm and quiet and is great for beginners to enjoy doing yoga on. She is so sweet, just like sugar!