Our Goats Past & Present


Honey was rescued with her brother Chester in January. Their mom had mastitis and could no longer care for them and they were in a barn when it was -2! They love their new life as house goats wearing diapers, onesies and snuggling at night! They love yoga and jumping on peoples backs giving them massages!


Chester is a little baby who was rescued with his sister Honey In January. Their mom had mastitis and could no loner care for them and they were in a barn when it was going down to -2! They are grateful to be house goats wearing diapers and onesies! He enjoyed snuggle time and loved doing yoga and jumping on yogis backs giving massages too! Chester has found a great new home where he receives endless love everyday!

Peachy & Posie

Peachy and Posie were our first goats and they grew up as bottle babies and house goats wearing diapers and onesies and going almost everywhere with their human mom in a baby Bjorn! They love going out and making people smile and they wear little hats too! They recently both had babies as well! Posie had Tula and Peachy had Moo Moo.

Enie, Meany, Miney and Moe

Enie, Meany, Miney and Moe are all brothers who were rescued in April from a bad situation. They are still babies and love their bottles. Enie, Meany, Miney and Moe all went to good homes!The boys are having a great time in their new homes and show how grateful they are with tons of cuddles!

The Dwarfs

Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Dopey, Doc, and Grumpy are little baby goats rescued at the end of April. They love their new foster home and enjoy jumping on your back and giving kisses! Sleepy is the last of the babies to go home, so give him some love before he finds his forever home!

The Sweeties

Hersey, Nestle, Reese and Kit Kat are the newest rescues that are being fostered and they are just learning how to jump! They are available for adoption!!! They love to jump, play snuggle and drink bottles! Come and meet them and maybe you will want to adopt! 

Moo Moo

Moo Moo was born 2 weeks ago and is already a huge buddle of energy. After her mom refused to let her nurse we began to bottle feed her to get her the nutrients she needs. She loves people, being the center of attention, and she loves to show off her moves spinning, jumping and running as fast as her little legs will let her. 


Tula was born 2 weeks ago and is only 2 days older than Moo Moo, her cousin. Unlike Moo Moo Tula is a mama's girl, which means she is a little bit more skiddish, but loves to hang with her cousin during yoga. Together they play, jump, and even race each other. They are definetly 2 peas in a pod! 

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang our our 2 newest additions at only 1 week old. Along with Moo Moo they are bottle fed because their mom fell ill and wouldn't let them nurse (she is getting better!). They too love to hang with their new buddy Moo Moo and she is happy showing them all the ropes!These 2 are slowly becoming big balls of energy with Moo Moo's guidance, teaching them how to run super fast, twirl, and jump really high and sometimes on peoples backs!

Kama & Aja

Coco, Manchie & Nugget

Bingo, Bango & Bongo