Horse Yoga


​Develop a deep connection with a horse while being on their back enjoying horse yoga. Focus on balance, body awareness, strength, breathing and being present.  This is a great way to connect with horses and learn the feel and develop a foundation for riding! Great way to develop a deeper connection with your horse if you are an experienced rider and learn breathing techniques to help calm you and your horse before competitions!

​Horse yoga in the Philadelphia area!


Bahh Sip & Play

 Enjoy connecting with baby goats and have them jump and play on you in their diapers and onesies! Have fun feeding them baby bottles! Bring your own basket with a picnic to enjoy after class after you give the goats bottles! Bon fire may be on too, so bring some smore kits! Enjoy goat yoga in the Philadelphia area Montgomery County PA! 

$34 mats provided

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Spring & Summer Sessions


  •  May 24 Friday Fun Farm Night 6:30
  • May 26 Buckingham Valley Vineyard
  • May 26 Sunday Fun Farm Day 4:30
  • May 31 Friday Fun Farm Night 6:30

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  • June Brandywine Ace Pet and Feed
  • June 1 at the Farm 6:30
  • June 2 Rose Bank & 
  • Devon Horse Show
  • June 4 Nicks
  • June 8 Farm 6:30
  • June 9 Nicks
  • June 16 Crooked Eye
  • June 23 Hopewell Valle Vineyard

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  • July 13 Hopewell Valley Vineyard
  • July 14 Crooked Eye

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