Rescued Baby Goat Bottle Feeding & Snuggle Time!

Come help raise & love on the rescued baby goats with Bottle  Feeding  & Snuggle Time! This is a very relaxing and fun event that will sure to warm your heart and make you laugh! The rescued baby goats do not have moms so they really enjoy the bond with people and they love to play with people. They will be in diapers and suspenders or onesies! They love to  jump on people from back to back and give goat back massages! Enjoy bottle feeding the goat kids their milk which is their favorite thing to do! 

Then they snuggle on your lap and enjoy bring pet and usually fall asleep! 

Enjoy a wine Tasting or a locally brewed beer at a Winery or Brewery before you love on a baby goat or two! 

 It is also very therapeutic and some of the baby goats are used as therapy animals by our volunteer and have a doctors note! These kids not only help as a service animals but they make everyone smile everywhere they go being carried in their baby Bjorn or following behind jumping sideways in their diaper!